Product Review | Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil + Gentle Enzyme Powder Review

The Philosophy

Tatcha is a beauty brand greatly inspired by the Japanese skincare routine of the Geisha woman. It's rituals and products are based on the ingredients and methods Geisha would use throughout the ages. Usually, such rituals would be passed on through word of mouth, but there was a record of it written down. This ancient beauty book is the cornerstone of Tatcha's philosophy and why you'll find all the products are simple, multi purpose, and gentle to the skin. Let's face it, we all want perfect Geisha skin.

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Top 5 |Winter Skin Saviours

It's getting to that time of the year, when we start layering clothes and scarves, spend longer mornings in bed and contemplate if we will survive this ice age. But seriously, WINTER has really stepped up their game (i.e. I'm freezing my butt off) and my skin has suffered in the process.

The air is dryer, our skin feels tighter, you can even start seeing cracks! Does anyone else get that static feeling in the hair? And when you run your dry hands through them it just feels even dryer? You can obviously tell I love winter.

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How To | Navigate Skin Types

Its common to hear about a skin type and think that it actually is yours too. I'm totally guilty of it myself. The day came when I learned that I wasn’t a combination/oily skin type and that, whoa surprise, I'm a dry gal. You should have seen my reaction. I want people to actually know their skin and not listen to someone talk about theirs and just buy the products they buy. So here's my little rundown of how to navigate skin types

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