Product Review | Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil + Gentle Enzyme Powder Review

The Philosophy

Tatcha is a beauty brand greatly inspired by the Japanese skincare routine of the Geisha woman. It's rituals and products are based on the ingredients and methods Geisha would use throughout the ages. Usually, such rituals would be passed on through word of mouth, but there was a record of it written down. This ancient beauty book is the cornerstone of Tatcha's philosophy and why you'll find all the products are simple, multi purpose, and gentle to the skin. Let's face it, we all want perfect Geisha skin.

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How To | Cleansers 101

Find a cleanser that suits your needs. To determine this, you really need to look at your skin and see the texture of your skin. You can't find a cleanser that does everything - well you don’t really need one. If you think about all the imperfections you have also think how long it took for them to form, you start to realise it can't be undone in a day. Skin care is a process and its very manageable.

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Product Review | Bare Minerals Skinsorials Range Pt. 1

This review is a big one, so big I had to split it into 2 parts. To start off with, I get scared when it comes to trying new products, let alone a whole skin care regime. The reason why is because I know how long it will take to get my skin back to normal if anything bad happens and, when you try a whole regime, you don't know which product is actually working. It was something that required a lot of observation and time.

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