Model | Sasha Lavender Photographer | Saira Macleod

Model | Sasha Lavender
Photographer | Saira Macleod

Kim K. Pham

Born and raised in Australia, Kim was always fascinated with art and beauty from a very young age. Growing up as a dancer of various styles, including ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop, Kim developed her  passion for makeup through years of performing on stage with a glam face of makeup. Painting and artistry became her dream as a young kid.

Fast track to present day, Kim has gained a wealth of experience in the makeup industry. Assisting Sydney's leading makeup artists for over 3 years have allowed her to develop skills in all fields of artistry. She has assisted on various MBFW '18 shows including Double Rainbouu and Chistopher Esber. Her signature work includes polished, clean skin and perfected features.