Advice | Skincare Percentages: Do they really matter?

You'll hear percentages of ingredients that claim to be the optimal concentration of ingredients is best for the skin. (Vitamin C ~20%, Retinol ~2%, Salicylic acid ~2%) Although this may be true, it's not always the case that the ingredients in your skincare have the same efficacy, meaning the maximum response achieved from the dosed ingredient.

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Product Review | Origins: Original Skin Essence Lotion Review

The Philosophy

Origin's brand mission is to deliver creative, luxury skin care solutions powered by nature and proven by science. This is seen in their logo, where the 2 overlapping trees show the crossover of nature and science.

They are a brand who are very transparent as to what goes into their products and specifies the origins (get it) of an obscure ingredient - especially if it doesn't sound natural.

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