Product Review | Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Mask

Masking is great way to amp up the good ol' skincare routine without making your skin go 'hey what's going on around here'. There are many masks out there and I have had my fair share of all types. Cotton, hydrogel, peel-off, mud masks and so on. Through the years I have accumulated a certain bias toward Asian masks, particularly Korean hydrogel ones (the cotton ones are good too!). Mainly because they are drenched in serum and my skin is left feeling soft. Lets not forget about the awesome hybrid gel texture that just gets all up in your face.

So when I heard Mecca Cosmetica had made a hydrogel mask (sourced from Korea), I had to try it. Not only do I love the Lit From Within range but I was alsointrigued by how Mecca could achieve that natural glow in skincare.

Which side?

First of all, it has taken me a lot of hydrogel masks and several tries to find out that the slippery, shiny side is the side that adheres to your face (mindblown). From my understanding, the rough side prevents the serum from evaporating too quickly and the shiny side is more permeable - meaning the serum gets absorbed by the skin better. 


Its packed full of really nourishing ingredients like squalene, niacinamide and a white flower complex which helps to brighten the skin. Upon application it feels less sticky than other masks and absorbs quickly after 20 mins. It doesn't have as much serum as other Korean hydrogel but I noticed I preferred this, mainly because there is less waste of the serums and you can continue with your normal skin routine after. After the 15-30 mins you're left with a floppy gel and that’s when you know all the serum has been absorbed.  It was far less fiddly than cotton masks and is super easy to use.

The Results

THIS MASK IS LEGIT AMAZING! I can not hype this mask enough. After using it, my skin was immediately plumped and I noticed my fine lines were gone. Commonly fine lines are a result of dehydration on the surface of the skin. This can be due to environmental factors like air conditioning, heating, pollution etc. So when I saw my skin was as smooth as a baby's butt I was rejoicing. Now let's talk about the glow! I was beaming, my skin looked super healthy and had a radiance that was noticeable but not to the point that I looked greasy. It immediately smoothed the texture of my skin and even the next day I noticed my skin brighter and healthier.

The mask would also be amazing as a pre-event facial to get the skin prepped for makeup. #FLAWLESS

Honestly, this product is truly a great step into Australian skincare. I would only buy a product if I truly love it so I can sleep well knowing I have a 4 pack at home.


The Rundown

The ingredients in this mask just spoke to me! Niacinamide and squalene are amazing ingredients for smoothing the skin. That combined with their white flower complex and vitamin C...I can tell where I got that glow from now. The white flower complex is just a fancy way of saying a mix of white flower extracts. Now I only wish it was bottled as a serum