Hello World

It's a wonder that I finally had the guts to make my idea public but here we are. Hello. Welcome to my memory bank where I document the things that I find super interesting and am most likely to forget. I initially made this because I had been receiving so much information from numerous sources and had no place to store it! Well really I had several notebooks and my Marie Kondo side of me just couldn't handle.

I have very few interests but am deeply engaged in all them. As you'll soon notice, I am extremely passionate about skincare, to the point that most my gifts to friends and family revolve around the skin/beauty area. My current job even revolves around skincare! I thoroughly enjoy consulting about customer's skin and finding solutions, so this blog will help me consolidate knowledge so I can be well equipped for the next skin challenge.  

Although I have read a lot, I am no expert and don't claim to be. I like learning and seeing what other people think. My sources range from books, podcasts, advice from experts, etc. I am merely writing my understanding of it. 

Hope you guys enjoy reading or at least find some information helpful.