How To | Navigate the Skin Care World

The skin care world is a long journey and definitely not one to be taken lightly. It is super easy to get overwhelmed in an industry where everyone's reaction will be different and where one size doesn't fit all.

At desperate times we usually look to beauty bloggers and reviews for some handy advice. I have to say this is not always the best method and I'll explain why. Not everyone is the same. You are a completely different person to everyone else and that means your skin is entirely unique. I mean we still have the same skin structure but the way it reacts with products and the environment is incomparable. I'm not saying you need to negate whatever a beauty blogger says, I just mean to do your thorough research and take opinions with a grain of salt. The only way to find out if the product truly works is to try it yourself. 

So now what?

Because we all have the same basic structure of skin you just need to find what you need first. Now the skin, being the largest organ of our body, is our barrier to the outside world and is the container for all our inner bits (yay for protection!). So, when you think about how much it has to go through to protect your interior, you start to realise it needs a gold metal. Oil, pollution, dust, makeup and all sorts of bacteria get into contact with our skin and its our duty to care and maintain it. 


This means daily cleansing is a must. A daily cleanser and an exfoliator (1-3times a week depending on the type of exfoliator) is totally fine because the cleanser will help rid the skin of the daily grind and the exfoliator helps to scrub off the dead skin cells (cause we're constantly shedding - I know…super weird). Even throw in a makeup remover, because if you're like me and like long-wearing makeup, it's not going to come off with simple soap and water.

Another must is moisturiser. I can't stress this enough. After cleansing your skin you do remove some of the oily barrier you naturally have and that squeaky feeling afterwards, wellyour skin actually becomes more open to bacteria because there's no barrier to protect it. These leads to all kinds of nasties including, you know it, the pimple.

Moisturising not only makes your skin feel silky soft but helps to prevent any moisture from evaporating from your skin. 


It is good practice to follow step 1 for about 3-4 weeks before you find what you want to target. This is mainly because the daily cleansing and moisturising will already plump and smooth the skin's surface. It's also the most effective time frame to gauge if the products are working seeing as the skin shedding cycle is 28 days.

Take a look at your skin and pinpoint what you want to target - smaller pores, smoother texture, even skin tone etc. From there you can choose to add different serums and creams that actually target those imperfections because let's face it, there's no miracle product that can do it all.

Be sure to include one product at a time otherwise you won't realise which product is working. Not so good for the bank account. 


Finding your perfect regime is a process and you'll be able to reap the benefits soon enough. It's something that will remain super personal to you because you know what is working and what isn't. I think that with constant observation of your skin you'll know for sure if the product claims to do what it says. Bear in mind that skin care is a commitment and one that lasts a lifetime so I say we might as well enjoy the ride.