Advice | Common Sources of Skincare Problems

When it comes to skin conditions/problems, I truly think the source of them is mostly within you and partly derived from what is around you. There is always a source. What I find people forgetting is that the skin is a direct translation of what is happening in your body. This point is highly disregarded when people opt for quick fixes without realising how the problem came about in the first place. Instead of finding how they may have the blemish/wrinkle/pigmentation etc. it's easier to go for the fix instead. I totally understand this, especially in a world where the standard of beauty is highly fixed behind a lens, we want to make our skin the best it can be. Have a read about some of the factors that may be contributing to a 'less than best' complexion and really reflect on what yours could be.I've broken it down to a few factors that could help you find the source of your skin concern.



Some of the more common skin conditions, whether its dehydration, dullness, eczema, rosacea, are affected by our environment. This is an issue that many of us are aware about. I guess the thing that is getting more attention is pollution. It's now becoming one of the factors contributing to premature ageing and acne. If you live in a highly polluted area, really have a look at your cleansing routine and skincare products. Do they protect against micro particles? Do you incorporate a sunscreen? Just because there's a smog or overcast does NOT mean UV rays can't go through. Don't forget the dirt on your phone. If you have blemishes on your cheek and you usually don't break out - maybe it's your phone. Ew. The weather is also a major factor that can affect our skin. If you have recently moved to a dry climate from a humid one, then you're in for a change. Read more in my previous post.


Finding some of the concerns on your skin can be a daunting process when you start analysing your lifestyle. It's uncomfortable. You feel like you're under a microscope, that is, if you know you're taking up the wrong habits. Habits that are detrimental to your health (smoking, lack of exercise) can really show on your body, especially your face. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare and not change a crucial habit concerning your health, then why bother? If you need to survive on a substance I really think it's time to question why you need to rely on it? It's a hard reality to face and I'm totally fine if you don't want to fix your skin in that way. Everyone can make their own choice. I think I just want you guys to reflect on why you may be spending lots of money on skincare when the skin will never be fully clear. It's like putting your money down a drain.

Stress is also a major factor that is really hard to control. It does lead to premature lines and open pores due to the constant strain of the facial muscles. When we are stressed, our muscles are tense and the same goes for our facial muscles. I had a day where I just became aware of my posture and facial expression. It was a real glass shattering moment. Now, every time I slouch or make a 'bitch' face, I just relax and lighten up.


You are what you eat. I believe in what you put in your body translating to what happens on the outside. I know a lot of people with a less vigorous skin care routines and they have amazing skin! I truly believe it's their diet. I'm not saying go full-fledge raw vegan. I really think that if you have attempted everything under the sun in order to fix your skin then you should take note of what you eat. Take particular attention to food that may alter your hormones.

It's a very Asian culture thing to think that certain blemishes on the face translate to a part of your body. It's not totally adopted by Western medicine, but I think it works! It definitely changed the way I thought about my long-standing forehead breakout. The body is smart, it sends 'signals' to the skin if something is wrong inside. This can be in the form of rashes, blemishes, lustre, healing abilities and so on.


The reason why I wanted to talk about finding the source is because people nowadays are taking shortcuts. Instead of figuring out why they have the skin concern, they immediately go for the cure. The doctor/derm doesn't know your life as well as you know your own. I strongly feel that if you find the source of your skin concern, you'll fell better knowing that skin treatments will work and you can aim to avoid future ones. I'm talking about getting botox at an extremely young age because of forehead lines that were triggered by a lack of moisturiser. Same goes for RoAccutane while you are still growing. Even going through extreme treatments to get rid of sun damage accumulated over the years. At least learn from these mistakes if you are going to do these procedures.