Advice | Combat Pollution

On my recent trip to NY, I began to understand the invisible villain that was pollution. Cities in South East Asia have their levels of pollution as well, I find you notice it a lot sooner because the air also feels and looks dirty. When I was NY, the air was a lot dryer and although it looked a lot clearer than countries, like China or Vietnam, there was a certain weight to it. Maybe I'm just used to the crisp air of Sydney. It was through this trip, that I noticed the difference between my skin and the skin of local New Yorkers. (P.S. I know this is a sort of generalisation but there are also numerous cases that support this fact).

In NY, I noticed a lot of people had quite lack lustre skin and the texture was quite visible. The main cause is definitely the amount of pollution you encounter as you walk through the streets. Air-conditioning/heating, gas, car exhaust, construction debris (there's plenty of that) etc. The term for them are microparticles, and these microparticles can prevent your skin from absorbing that much-needed moisture from your lotions and serums. They also clog the skin and can cause future breakouts.

I adjusted my skin routine to combat the increase of micro-particles compared to Sydney and wanted to share some of my tips. I think if you live in a populated city like NY, this should be part of your daily routine because you don't realise the effects of pollution until it's too late.

Double Cleansing

Oil-based and Enzyme cleanser. These were able to target the surface particles in my skin as well as the ones in my pores due to the nature of oil travelling deeper in the pores to clean it out.

Peel Pad/Chemical Exfoliation

I brought a few of my DDG peel pads along with me because I know chemical exfoliants can travel deeper into my skin and pores without irritation. With manual cleansing, you are relying on beads to take off particles that are much smaller than the beads themselves. Chemical exfoliatiants can go in between the glue of the skin cells and lift off all that grime. Such a great option to have when travelling.

Hydrating Moisturiser

I mainly brought my trusty Origins Drink Up Intensive for my hydration step at the end of the night.  Serums and hydrating masks can be used when you get back from your trip. It's not the time to use all your expensive skincare products because 1) you sweat it off faster on holidays, especially if you're in a humid area 2) you'd rather bring less on the plane.

I derived this tip from something Kate Somerville mentioned when she travelled to Sydney. She said she only brought her essentials with her, and that when she returned back to LA would apply her actives, especially Vitamin C for repair from sun. I find this makes it less stressful when you travel with liquids. And for some reason, your skin just looks better on holidays.


Drink loads of water. As a tourist, you are always walking around and are far more active during your stay. Keep hydrated.


Now I know this isn't a simplified version of a travel skin care routine. Most likely you're right. In my opinion, I know these work. At least get the double cleanse in and a moisturiser.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed my NY trip. Will post more photos and hauls soon :)