Product Review | Glam Glow Powermud

I don't know why people haven't talked about this product more. I'm sure everyone has read about the Supermud and Youthmud GlamGlow masks but for some reason Powermud is a little underrated (at least in Australia it is). Hope you guys enjoy the review anyway! 


They were founded by a couple in Hollywood who wanted products that made the skin instantly camera ready. Don't we all. They, like many other founders, made their formulations at home before selling them on the market. Glam Glow is all about giving the skin that extra boost so you look and feel sexy.

The Product

The mask claims to get rid of weekly build up while leaving the skin supple and smooth. It's deeply cleansing and great for sensitive skin because of it's mud to oil formula.

The Application


It is extremely smooth. Compared to other Glam Glow masks, the consistency of the Powermud is really pleasant and easy to use. On application, the mask is quite transparent but opaque enough that you can seewhere you're smothering the mask. A thin layer is easy enough - also it smells amazing. Really fresh and clean.

Unlike other masks, it is a mud to oil which means when in contact with water it turns to an oil on the skin. It was really fascinating and a delight to see. After 20 mins, the mask is completely dry and I have to say it is the funniest thing to see. When you squish your face you see all the small lines and wrinkles. Apart from that, the washing off is the best bit. It starts to turn into a super smooth, albeit slimey consistency but much less messy than other masks.

The Result

Like usual mud masks, you get a slight tight feeling as it is drying. When I rinsed this mask off, it turned into a slippery milky consistency. This made is easier to wash off as I didn't have chunks of mud to wash down my sink. The formula really kept my skin hydrated and bouncy. The thing I noticed the most was the texture of my skin. It was supremely smooth and my pores were considerably smaller. Bonus!

The Rundown

Because the purpose of this mask is a mere detox and quick fix for the skin, I noticed the ingredients weren't made up of deep cleansing ingredients - more astringent ingredients (i.e. making the skin feel and look tighter).

I have to say, I was surprised by the amount of ingredients that were anti-inflammatory. Definitely supports the claim that it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Here's a few:

  • Magnesium Aluminum Siliate: a thickener, emulsifier and astringent that is non-comedogenic and non toxic. Whoa.
  • Witch Hazel: a really great anti-inflammatory that helps regenerate over strained skin
  • Kaolin clay: a good fave which absorbs oil and sweat
  • Apple extract: soothing for dry skin and anti-inflammatory.


It isn't as exfoliating as the Supermud mask (which has 6 exfoliants in there) but it does help to cleanse the pores on a weekly basis. I wouldn’t' replace it as a deep cleansing mask, more of a detox and smoothing mask.

Keeping their philosophy in mind, I understood that I should see some instant results with this product. I know people love seeing instant results, especially when it comes to skincare, but I believe in products that work for the long haul. This is because I believe our skin has taken so long to be with us now that it can't change over night. That being said, instant result products are perfect for a quick fix - especially before going out or even just ending the week. That is what I thought of the product and that is why I ending up loving it for what it was.

Its different from other mud masks in that its less messy and doesn't dry out the skin, like other mud masks tend to. I love how it leaves my skin extremely soft and above all it appears smoother and refined.