Product Review | Hair by Sam McKnight Pt. 1

If you guys haven't heard about the launch of the new Hair by Sam Mcknight range at MECCA, you're in for a real treat!

This is no ordinary hair stylist from overseas, he is an icon in the fashion world. About as iconic as you can get. He flew into Sydney and Melbourne to commemorate the launch of his easy-to-use styling products.

Already a crowd favourite overseas, I thought to try his whole range and give it a little review. Now, I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. McKnight and (eagerly) volunteered myself to be a hair model for his demonstration. His team of Eamond and Valerie were equally lovely and showed my true hair ability.

Inspired by his 40 years experience in the hair industry, Sam wanted to create products that mimicked his signature look - think effortless, beachy texture with vava volume and tousled bed hair. Sounds weird but you get the picture right? These products are extremely fool-proof, can be combed through (aka bye-bye crunchy hair) and has a delicious scent that will stop you from buying those hair perfumes.

Pictured left to right - Cool Girl, Easy Updo, Modern Hairspray

Pictured left to right - Cool Girl, Easy Updo, Modern Hairspray

Let's bring up Cool Girl for a second. Cool Girl is a lightweight texturising spray that gives you that effortless chic texture you dream of. This is his signature in a bottle. This is Kate Moss and a little of 'I woke up with amazing hair' in a can. It gives a beautiful, volumised, tousled finish that steers clear of a shiny residue. The texture is slightly gritty, enough that you'll be able to shake the hair a little to give it some oomph but not too much that you can't run your fingers through.

This works great for all hair types and even better if you have finer hair and need that extra grit.

Oh and you've got to try it after you've curled your hair. GAME CHANGER.

Easy Updo is your intense texturising spray. Great for pinning hair in place or giving that messy bun that extra grit to keep it in place. It's an amped up version of cool girl and great to have if you always have trouble keeping hairstyles in place, regularly style your hair (curls/braids/buns) or are a makeup and hair stylist and need a quick texture spray. This one is for you. This worked great on my super sleek, Asian hair and boy did it add volume. I think my hair was double the size when teased and I didn't even know it could tease!

The best part - I could brush it all out. 

Meeting Sam McKnight was something I never even thought about and in meeting him I realise that this industry, although it may feel large, is actually quite small. Everyone helps each other and you could tell he just wants to give people knowledge. He is extremely humble and generous. Forever a fan. 


Stay tuned next week for my break down of modern hairspray and lazy girl.