Inside the Pages |The Japanese Skincare Revolution

Author: Chizu Saeki

Hello! Welcome to my first book review on skincare. There aren't a lot of book resources for skincare that are accessible to the typical person aka you and me. I have found a few that have really opened my eyes to my skincare application and process. The one I attribute most of my change and philosophies to is this book.

About the Author

First of all, who is Chizu Saeki?She is one of the most influential beauticians out there with a philosophy of 'anyone who desires to be beautiful can be beautiful, and the power to do that is in your hands.' She's well into her 60s and has worked with amazing brands like Guerlain and Christian Dior, she even wrote the sales manual for Dior.

About the Book

Onto the book, well it really changed up how I approach skincare and how I do my facials at work. Her philosophy is something that really resonated with me. We live in world of excess and this book addresses that. There's a little section on overfeeding your skin which I think needs a major spotlight. She calls it skin obesity, where the skin has suffered from an abundance of different products, resulting in an angry protest.

Her main point is observation. I have tried to incorporate this way of thinking in a lot of my blog posts because I truly believe in it. One example is when the skin is seen as dry. She explains it in an analogy that makes total sense:

You wouldn’t take a withering potted tree and dump concentrated fertiliser on it. The first thing you’d do, rather, is give it plenty of water and make way for the nutrients to seep into the soil.
— Chizu Saeki

The book is then split into sections. She spends a solid chapter on how to observe your skin properly. Your mirror is your best friend! The other chapters explore some massage techniques and application tips for skincare. I felt these first few chapters really illustrated her years of experience and techniques. The last few chapters talk about different skin conditions and concerns, and how best to treat them.

You can't read this book without trying the techniques. They are honestly so fun! They also give you some time for yourself. Whether it’s an extra minute to really massage your skin, it’s a well earned minute of mindfulness. I even tried the skin fasting! I went a whole 24 hours without applying any product on my face, just water. It was an interesting experience, and honestly I think my skin thanked me for it.

I highly recommend this book if you feel bombarded with the skincare world. Her techniques of massaging and gently nurturing the skin are tools that I believe will help your skin be the best it can be. In a world where we can be harsh and over-saturate the skin, this book is a breath of fresh air.